Who are we?

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Polaris Consulting is the result of a career of over twenty yeras in various positions in Human Resources, Human Resources Development and Organizational Development in high tech and multinational corporations.

As a certified coach, facilitator and consultant, I work with organizations going through “growing pains” and confronting major change.

I focus on understanding the specific needs and goals of each team and organization in order to provide them a customized solution adapted to their culture and operational constraints.

A passionate master rower, I also offer teambuilding events featuring rowing as a conduit to facilitate team work, by providing a clear picture of the power of the team when armed with a shared vision and aligned objectives.

Developing people, teams and organizations in high tech, multinational and fast paced environments is at the core of my added value.

I also partner with teams to implement and improve performance management processes to ensure they align with the culture, strategy and goals of the organization. I can support organizations in developing multinational, multisite mergers and acquisitions, to focus on developing the relevant organizational culture.




Our values


All coaching relationships are partnerships based on clearly defined roles, responsibilities, expectations and objectives.


Our coaching methodology is based on a simple process and well established tools, in order to ensure implementation of the actions defined and agreed on by the coachee.


All coaching relationships are based on a contract which specifies the relationships between all parties (individual or team, organization and coach) and in particular defines the confidentiality rules.


Our coaching methodology ensures consistency between our process and tools and the values, culture and objectives of the individual or the team.


The coach ensures that the coachee is fully autonomous, by trusting him/her to take responsibility and formulate and implement his/her action plan.