Coaching interventions

A coach is literally a vehicle created by the coach to go from a "present state" to a "desired state". The coaching process is action and future oriented, and focuses on uncovering and leveraging the clients' resources in order to reach their "desired state".

To coach is to support someone in realizing their projects, and therefore to support them in "realizing their future"

Individual coaching

I am a certified coach, and a member of ICF - International Coach Federation and as such, I offer:

  • Intercultural communication, management and leadership: managers and executives are now more and more required to lead multinational, multisite and often virtual project teams. Integrating the intercultural dimension in the coaching process contributes to the development of true global leaders, who can leverage the diversity of their organizations to reach increased levels of performance.
  • Individual coaching for managers, to support them in developing their leadership skills and successfully transition to their next role.
  • Individual coaching for executives when the pace of change in their organization and their business environment requires them to step up and develop further their leadership capability.

Team coaching

In today's globalized world, teams are now multinational, cross functional and virtual. Leveraging this diversity by building intercultural intelligence is a powerful way to enhance the team's performance. This approach can be particularly effective in circumstances such as

  • forming a new team, when bringing together multicultural, virtual teams, to support them in creating processes to overcome the added challenge of working remotely;
  • supporting a management team in clarifying its strategy and aligning specific objectives to implement this strategy. This is of crucial importance for remote teams, whose members have more autonomy and where clarity of vision and goals is paramount to success;
  • facilitating team alignment and cohesiveness through the development of shared values and rules, in order to enhance the team performance through the team members' intrinsic motivation;
  • restarting a team by giving them an opportunity to participate in outdoors activities leveraging the powerful metaphor of stepping in the same boat and rowing in the same direction.

Each workshop or seminar includes follow-up sessions over several weeks in order to ensure optimum implementation of the tools and processes developed by the teams.