Intercultural competency

In our increasingly "flat world", being able to communicate, interact and work with diverse communities is now a key success factor for employees, managers and executive of today's globalized organizations.

In order to respond to this challenge, I have been working since 1997 with Trompenaars Hampden Turner ( This consultancy presents the unique advantage of combining leading edge research with "on the ground" operational experience through numerous partnerships with global corporations.

Having worked for more than twenty years in multicultural teams and as adjunct professor at Grenoble Graduate School of Business, I also seek to leverage theoretical models to support teams and organizations in developing integrated intercultural processes to leverage to the full the innovative capability of truly diverse teams.

I have developed a workshop focusing on how to present effectively across cultures and organizational levels. I have successfully facilitated 20 sessions so far: participants have been able to bring their message across and their projects, programs and ideas have been supported and funded thanks to a powerful, effective communication.

More generally, I offer workshops to develop an understanding of intercultural communication, management and leadership within multinational teams. I also co design custom workshops with organizations where intercultural intelligence is seen as a key resource for the future.


Book : Intercultural coaching (French)